Long stay Västerås

Room Apartment Hotel is a hotel concept for long stay residents in Västerås and a more personal alternative to traditional hotel accommodation. We are suitable for those who like to stay a little longer and feel that a traditional hotel room is not an option. With us you get the comforts of the apartment in the central parts of the city but still in quiet areas. When you rent an apartment from us, there is the option to book parking for your car. There is also good connection with public transport.

Cozy long stay in Västerås

All our apartments are individually furnished, have access to free
Wi-Fi so you can connect with those at home or put on your favorite series.
All our apartments and rooms have complete kitchenettes or fully equipped kitchens. Of course, you shouldn’t have to eat out just because you’re away.
We want you as a guest to feel that your stay is as comfortable as possible and that you can feel at home.

Långtidsboende i Västerås - Vardagsrum med fruktskål och kakelugn i fokus.

Sometimes you may need to stay away from home a little longer

Are you going to stay away for an extended period of time but don’t want to stay in a cramped hotel room? Welcome to our long stay accommodation in Västerås. We have everything from smaller apartments to spacious homes with five rooms.
There is something for everyone! Everything from studios of 18 sq.m to five-room apartments over 90 sq.m.

Read more about our different apartment types and see what suits you best!