Apartment hotel Västerås

Are you looking for an apartment hotel in Västerås? We are the alternative for those who need a furnished and functional accommodation. Our apartments are modern, efficient and have a personal touch.
All apartments are close to the inner city’s possibilities, such as shopping, concerts and a large selection of restaurants. Close to the travel center as well as scenic environments such as Vasaparken, Djäkneberget and Västerås harbour. We offer what you need to have for a pleasant stay in one of our apartments.

Our apartment hotel in Västerås

Our apartment hotel has over 100 apartments. Everything from smaller apartments to spacious homes with five rooms. There is something for everyone; we have everything from studios of 18 sq.m to five-room apartments over 90 sq.m.

All apartments are fully equipped with a bathroom and have access to a laundry room. There is also a kitchen or kitchenette with microwave, fridge and freezer as well as a basic selection of kitchen utensils. In addition, Wi-Fi is included – everything to make it feel like a real home, even if it’s only temporary.

Lägenhetshotell i Västerås - Ingången till en av våra lägenheter

It is easy to stay with us

We are not an ordinary hotel, we are more than that. We want you who will be staying away for an extended period of time to feel that your stay is comfortable and that you have what you need. That’s why all our apartments are equipped with a kitchen so that you can easily come home and cook your own food.

Read more about the different apartment types in our apartment hotel to find what suits you best.