Apartment hotel Västerås

Are you looking for an apartment hotel in Västerås? We are the alternative for those who need a furnished and functional accommodation. Our apartments are modern, efficient and have a personal touch.
All apartments are close to the inner city’s possibilities, such as shopping, concerts and a large selection of restaurants. Close to the travel center as well as scenic environments such as Vasaparken, Djäkneberget and Västerås harbour. We offer what you need to have for a pleasant stay in one of our apartments.

Our apartment hotel in Västerås

Our apartment hotels have over 100 apartments, ranging from smaller apartments to spacious homes with five rooms. There is something for everyone; everything from studios of 18 square meters to five-room apartments of over 90 square meters. 

All apartments are fully equipped with a bathroom and access to a laundry room. There is also a kitchen with microwave, fridge and freezer as well as a basic selection of kitchen utensils. In addition, Wi-Fi is included, everything to make it feel like a real home, even if it’s only temporary.

Lägenhetshotell i Västerås - Ingången till en av våra lägenheter

It is easy to stay with us

We are not an ordinary hotel, we are more than that. We want you, who will be staying away for an extended period of time, to feel that your stay is comfortable and that you have what you need. That’s why all our apartments are equipped with a kitchen so that you can easily come home and cook your own food.

Explore Västerås during your stay

When you live with us, you can’t miss exploring everything that Västerås has to offer. Visit popular sights such as Västerås Cathedral, Anundshög and Västerås Castle. Maybe take a trip to Lögarängen, or shop at one of the city’s many shopping centers such as Erikslund Shopping Center and Punkt. Also don’t miss Västerås beautiful parks and green areas such as Vasaparken and Djäkneberget.

Excellent communication and easily accessible

Our apartment hotels in Västerås are close to good transport links, which makes it easy to get around the city and its surroundings. You are close to both bus and train connections, and Västerås travel center is only a short walk away. For those traveling by car, there is also the option of renting a parking space in connection with your booking. Also don’t miss Västerås beautiful parks and green areas such as Vasaparken and Djäkneberget.

Book your apartment hotel in Västerås today

Do not hesitate to book your apartment hotel in Västerås with us at Room Apartment Hotel. We offer a wide range of apartments that suit different needs and tastes. Our apartments are homely, comfortable and practical – the perfect option for you who want to feel at home during your stay in Västerås. Let us make your stay as pleasant as possible. Send a booking request today and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

To summarize, we offer comfortable and modern apartment hotels in Västerås for shorter and longer stays. With over 100 apartments in various sizes and close proximity to the city’s facilities, scenic surroundings and good transport links, we are the obvious choice for those looking for homely and practical accommodation. With us you can enjoy flexible solutions, kitchens in the apartments and amenities such as cleaning and parking.

Read more about our different accommodations in our apartment hotels and see what suits you best.